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Justin McKinney - Bass

Justin McKinney has always had a passion for music; regardless of what instrument he was playing. He has held positions in bands of keyboardists; rhythm guitarists; lead guitarists; and bassists.  His fascination with music has always been “outside the norm”; listening to bands that most people do not listen to.  At least at that current point in time.  His influences come from 70’s prog bands such as Pink Floyd; Peter Gabriel era Genesis; Jethro Tull; and Yes, just to name a few.  Some current influences include bands (who are still in operation) such as Opeth; Katatonia; Tristania and a vast array of other Scandinavian  Metal/Prog Metal bands.

Justin feels very lucky to have found such an awesome group of people to work with, who although don’t necessarily share the same influences, share the same passion for music.  Plus, the entire band gets along very well and actually has fun playing together.

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