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Welcome to the official internet site of AJAR Project. We are a four piece band from Southern New Hampshire. Our genre could be considered rock with some alternative and slight prog influence, spiked with a hint of jazz and blues.  Our sound has been compared to New England Weather: if you wait a few minutes, it will change. Our music is all original; however, we have been known to throw a cover or two into the mix every so often.  And let’s certainly not forget the occasional improvisational jam.

It's proving to be a very busy new year for us, we will be looking forward to playing a number of new venues and some old haunts, so we are hoping you are going to get out and join us especially for the new venues. We have just finished a rough outline for what will be our first music video and we are hoping to start production on that soon. We shall keep you posted. Thanks for everyone coming out to the March 13th show it was great sharing the bill with some awesome bands. Thanks again to Cross the Divide for the invite. We just did another interview for Cider Magazine check it out here



"This Wilton-based four-piece is a moving target, with straight-up rockers, moody jazz rock and synth groove all likely to crop up in their shows. The fuzz-toned dirty boogie of "Turbulence" from the band's debut album is a good example of Ajar Project putting all the pieces together -- soaring and sneering yet melodic and danceable. The occasional unplugged tune is a treat as well. "

- Michael Witthaus, The Hippo (Aug 29, 2013)


Upcomming Gigs

Friday April 24th
Turismo Tavern
55 Heniker st
Hillsboro NH
8pm to Close
Friday May 1st
Mama Mcdonoughs
5 Depot St
Hillsboro, NH
8 To Close




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