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Welcome to the official Internet site of AJAR Project. We are a four-piece band from Southern New Hampshire. Our genre could be considered rock with some familiar similarities to alternative, blues and a hint of Jazz.  Our sound has been compared to New England Weather: if you wait a few minutes, it will change. We write original songs; however, we have been known to throw a cover or two into the mix every so often. 

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

Alan Watts

First the band would like to bid a sad farewell to our original bassist Justin McKinney. It was an awesome experience writing and playing with you over the past few years.  We wish you the best mate and hope you get liberated from third shift hell to a better opportunity soon.

Please join us in welcoming Mr. William Chapman to the AJAR Project line up. Will used to play in the band Velo De Milo with Justin Rigoli and Tom DeFelice as well as fill in as our soundman on occasion.  

The band is currently working on material for a third album and working up our current set lists for upcoming shows later this summer please stay tuned for more information.

 While you’re waiting, our two albums Rebirth and Dragons from the Napoleonic Era are available online at iTunes ®, Amazon ® and Spotify ®.  We also sell CD’s at our shows for you old school cats sorry no vinyl yet perhaps the third album.




"This Wilton-based four-piece is a moving target, with straight-up rockers, moody jazz rock and synth groove all likely to crop up in their shows. The fuzz-toned dirty boogie of "Turbulence" from the band's debut album is a good example of Ajar Project putting all the pieces together -- soaring and sneering yet melodic and danceable. The occasional unplugged tune is a treat as well. "

- Michael Witthaus, The Hippo (Aug 29, 2013)


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