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Welcome to the official internet site of AJAR Project. We are a four piece band from Southern New Hampshire. Our genre could be considered rock with some alternative and slight prog influence, spiked with a hint of jazz and blues.  Our sound has been compared to New England Weather: if you wait a few minutes, it will change. Our music is all original; however, we have been known to throw a cover or two into the mix every so often.  And let’s certainly not forget the occasional improvisational jam.

It's proving to be a very busy new year for us, we will be looking forward to playing a number of new venues and some old haunts, so we are hoping you are going to get out and join us. We will be playing a couple new venues as well so all the more reason we need your support. We have just finished a rough outline for what will be our first music video and we are hoping to start production on that soon. We shall keep you posted.

"This Wilton-based four-piece is a moving target, with straight-up rockers, moody jazz rock and synth groove all likely to crop up in their shows. The fuzz-toned dirty boogie of "Turbulence" from the band's debut album is a good example of Ajar Project putting all the pieces together -- soaring and sneering yet melodic and danceable. The occasional unplugged tune is a treat as well. "

- Michael Witthaus, The Hippo (Aug 29, 2013)

Upcomming Gigs

Friday March 13th
Millys Tavern 500 N Commercial St,
Manchester, NH 03101

Friday April 24th
Turismo Tavern
55 Heniker st
Hillsboro NH
8pm to Close



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